LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS nonpartisan policy: The League of Women Voters does not support or oppose candidates. 
The League does take positions on issues after study and members have reached consensus.  League positions can be found on the Advocacy page of this website (click here).  LWV of Greater Cleveland recommendations on two county-wide ballot issues can be found on the 2014 Issue Endorsements page  (click here)

Other local Leagues outside of Cuyahoga County have produced separate Voter Guides for races outside of Cuyahoga County; they have not partnered with the LWV Greater Cleveland and Cleveland.com to produce this Electronic Voter Guide.  Their Voter Guides can be accessed through Leagues Links on this website (click here).

2014 General Election

LWV of Ohio 2014 VOTER GUIDE for statewide races

LWV VOTER GUIDE for Ohio 9th Congressional District

ELECTRONIC VOTER GUIDE  for Cuyahoga County Races
A collaboration of cleveland.com and LWV of Greater Cleveland

Guide to County wide issues (on Electronic Voter Guide)

Issue 6 – Cuyahoga Community College 1.2 mill tax renewal and increase
Issue 11 – Cuyahoga County charter amendment, modify residency requirements for elected officials
Issue 12 – Cuyahoga County charter amendment, amending County Audit Committee
Issue 13 – Cuyahoga County charter amendment, Charter Review Commission appointments
Issue 14 – Cuyahoga County charter amendment, right-to-vote rules



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