Volunteer to help support voters in the 2016 elections

The help of both League members and non-members are welcome.

Volunteer for Election Protection (click here)

Support voters’ rights on Election Day. Election Protection Volunteers are the first line of defense against suppression tactics, confusing laws, malfunctioning equipment, long lines, and other impediments to voters’ making themselves heard.

To learn more about Election Protection click here.

Help NOVA register voters (click here)

League partners with NOVA (Northeast Ohio Voter Advocates) to register and support voters, especially the underserved.

Verify and update your voter registration!

Voter roll purge in Ohio has removed many voters who have not voted since the last presidential elections. Cuyahoga County residents use this link (click here).  Not from Cuyahoga County? Use this link (click here).

Coming events:

Donate to League:

Donations to The League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland Education Fund are tax-deductible and provide important support for voter and civic education programs, including much of League’s voter service work that provides nonpartisan candidate information during the election season. To make an online donation to the Education Fund click here.

Donations to The League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland, while not tax-deductible, are important for keeping dues low, promoting membership growth, and supporting direct advocacy. To make an online donation to LWV of Greater Cleveland click here.